In Their Own Words

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There are nearly 10,000 student-athletes representing the OUA; each with a different story to tell. And who better to tell these stories than the individuals living them first-hand? Whether it is diving into the ins and outs of being an OUA student-athlete or sharing a piece that goes beyond the playing field, we want to hear from you.

How to Get Involved

If you have a story to tell, the OUA wants to hear from you – and here’s how!

Step 1: Fill out the following form to express your interest
Step 2: Await email response from the OUA to follow up and confirm the proposed concept
Step 3: Tell us your story in your own words (see submission details below)
Step 4: Submit all content (details below) via email to the OUA Manager, Digital & Communications and await confirmation of post date


  • Written article that provides a unique, in depth perspective as an OUA student-athlete (minimum of 500 words – don’t just scratch the surface)
  • Three (3) to four (4) accompanying photos to supplement the article (if available)
  • Links to relevant posts on social media about the subject matter (if applicable) to supplement the article
  • Scanned copy of your signature (for use in promotional graphics)

Why Get Involved

This is your chance to share your own story, in your own way, using your own words. Maybe you want to relive that magical moment? Maybe you want to inspire the next generation? Maybe you want to inform others about the student-athlete experience? Whatever your reason, the platform is there and the opportunity to inform, inspire, or enlighten is at your fingertips.

Just complete the form below to express your interest in authoring one of this year's "In Their Own Words" features.

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