Banner Season: Guelph claims pair of provincial banners for third straight season

Photo by Jojo Qian
Photo by Jojo Qian

Toronto – The University of Guelph Gryphons men’s and women’s track and field teams swept the team banners at the OUA championships for the third straight year on Saturday evening at the Toronto Track and Field Centre.

On the women’s side, the Gryphons won with a commanding 218 points, followed by the Western Mustangs in second-place with 135 points and the Toronto Varsity Blues in third with 115. The Gryphons men claimed the banner with 153 points, followed by the Varsity Blues in second with 123 and the Mustangs in third with 117.50.

Guelph’s most impressive display of the weekend may have been in the sprint relay events, as they took home all four gold medals, winning the men’s 4x200m and 4x400m as well as the men’s 4x400m and women’s 4x400m. In the men’s 4x200m, they crossed the line in a time of 1:27.37, followed by the Varsity Blues (1:28.57) and Windsor Lancers (1:28.59). In the women’s event, the Gryphons smashed the competition en route to an OUA meet record, winning the race in a time of 1:37.00. Placing second was Western (1:41.11) and in the bronze medal position was Toronto (1:41.28).

In the 4x400m women’s event, the Gryphons crossed the line in a time of 3:42.76, followed by the Varsity Blues (3:48.90) and the host York Lions (3:49.26). The men’s team won in a time of 3:15.87, which also established a new OUA meet record. The Mustangs finished second in a time of 3:18.28, followed by the Waterloo Warriors in third with a time of 3:18.65.

The women’s 600m saw yet another podium sweep for the Gryphons, with teammates Olivia Romaniw (1:29.96), Jenna Smith (1:31.40) and Sadie-Jane Hickson (1:31.22) claiming the top three spots. The win was the second individual gold medal for Romaniw, as she won the 1000m on Day 1 in another event that the Gryphons brought home all three medals. In the men’s race, Stephen Evans of Ottawa just edged out Jack Berkshire of Toronto at the line in a time of 1:19.68. Michael Petersen of the Mustangs finished with the bronze in a time of 1:20.79.

Brittany Crew got the host Lions off to a good start, winning the women’s weight throw competition in the first event of the day. Crew broke her second meet record of the weekend with an 18.86m toss on her third throw of the day. Crew, fifth-year senior, broke the shot put record yesterday and finishes her career with a total of seven gold medals at the OUA championships. Emily Fawcett (16.11m) of the Gryphons and Rachel Campbell (15.80m) of the Mustangs finished in second and third in the weight throw respectively.

The men’s shot put completed the throws events for the weekend with Mark Bujnowski of the Gryphons coming out on top with a heave of 17.66m. Stuart Cameron (15.22m) of Western finished with the silver medal and Anthony Atkinson (14.93m) of the Lancers completed the podium with the bronze.

The men’s 60m final saw one of the most tightly contested race of the day, as home track sprinter Xavier Joseph of the Lions claimed the gold medal in 6.84 seconds. Joseph had to wait a few minutes to be awarded the gold medal, as Kudakwashe Murasiranwe of Guelph was initially announced as the winner. After a race review, it was determined Joseph crossed the line one one-hundredth of a second faster than Murasiranwe and earned his second straight gold medal in the 60m at the OUA championships. Sesan Akerewusi of Windsor claimed the bronze in a time of 6.85 seconds.

In the women’s 60m, Shyvonne Roxborough also claimed her second straight gold medal at the OUA championships, winning the race in a time of 7.54 seconds. Monique Simon-Tucker of York won the silver medal in a time of 7.68 seconds, followed by Vivian Ogor of Western with the bronze in a time of 7.71 seconds.

Peter Collier of Toronto showed off his versatility in the men’s heptathlon, winning the gold medal with 4956 points. He was followed by a pair of Western Mustangs in Jared Hendricks-Polock (4549) and Ryan Evans (4547) who finished in second and third respectively.

The Lions’ Pierce Lepage won his third gold medal of the meet with a victory in the high jump event. Lepage cleared the bar at 2.01m after entering the event a short while earlier at 1.98m. Justice Archer of Guelph (1.98m) placed second while Lepage’s teammate Jackson West (1.98m) finished with the bronze medal.

In the women’s high jump, Emilia Grala of Western won with a winning jump of 1.67m, followed by Emily Branderhorst of Toronto at 1.64m and Robin Clark of Guelph, also at 1.64m. Branderhorst claimed the silver by virtue of having fewer missed jumps than Clark.

Elsewhere in the field, Femi Akinduro (14.56m) of Toronto won the triple jump, followed by Scott Billings (14.13m) of Western and Placide Ilunga (13.71m) of York. In the women’s triple jump, Laura Amoi of Toronto won with a distance of 12.20m, followed by Paige Doyle (12.03m) of Western and Mandy Brunet (11.90m) of Windsor. Also in the men’s pole vault Dan Gleason from Western won with a vault of 4.86m, just besting Jason Clare of the Lions who finished with the silver. Brennan Seguin (4.81m) of Guelph picked up the bronze.

After winning the 3000m yesterday, Jack Sheffar of the Western Mustangs claimed his second gold medal of the meet winning the men’s 1500m in a time of 3:50.97. In second-place was Craig Klomp (3:51.73) of Toronto and third was Connor Black (3:52.46) of Guelph. In the women’s race, Dana Earhart (4:32.48) of Guelph placed first, followed by Kristina Popadich (4:32.70) of Western in the silver medal position. Sydney Pattison of Laurier picked up the Golden Hawks first medal of the meet with the bronze in a time of 4:32.72.

All gold and silver medallists from the OUA championships have now automatically qualified for the U SPORTS championships, which will begin March 7 at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.


1. Guelph, 218 points
2. Western, 135
3. Toronto, 115
4. York, 75
5. Windsor, 39
6. Ottawa, 37
7. Laurier, 13
8. Waterloo, 11
9. Lakehead, 8
10. Laurentian, 6
11. Ryerson, 2
12. Brock, 1

1. Guelph, 161 points
2. Toronto, 122
3. Western, 117.50
4. York, 90
5. Windsor, 71.50
6. Waterloo, 35
7. Ottawa, 26
8. McMaster, 16
9. Queen’s, 8
10. Brock Badgers, 5
11. Laurentian Voyageurs, 1


Weight Throw (W)
1. Brittany Crew, York, 18.86m *OUA meet record
2. Emily Fawcett, Guelph, 16.11m
3. Rachel Campbell, Western, 15.80m

Shot Put (M)
1. Mark Bujnowski, Guelph, 17.66m
2. Stuart Cameron, Western, 15.22m
3. Anthony Atkinson, Windsor, 14.93m

600m (W)
1. Olivia Romaniw, Guelph, 1:29.96
2. Jenna Smith, Guelph, 1:31.40
3. Sadie-Jane Hickson, Guelph 1:31.22

600m (M)
1. Stephen Evans, Ottawa, 1:19.68
2. Jack Berkshire, Toronto, 1:19.91
3. Michael Petersen, Western, 1:20.79

Triple Jump (M)
1. Femi Akinduro, Toronto, 14.56m
2. Scott Billings, Western, 14.13m
3. Placide Ilunga, York, 13.71m

High Jump (W)
1. Emilia Grala, Western, 1.67m
2. Emily Branderhorst, Toronto, 1.64m
3. Robin Clark, Guelph, 1.64m

60m (W)
1. Shyvonne Roxborough, Guelph, 7.54
2. Monique Simon-Tucker, York, 7.68
3. Vivia Ogor, Western, 7.71

60m (M)
1. Xavier Joseph, York, 6.84
2. Kudakwashe Murasiranwe, Guelph, 6.84
3. Sesan Akerewusi, Windsor, 6.85

4x200m (M)
1. Guelph, 1:27.37
2. Toronto, 1:28.57
3. Windsor, 1:28.59

4x200m (W)
1. Guelph, 1:37.00 *OUA meet record
2. Western, 1:41.82
3. Toronto, 1:41.28

Heptathlon (M)
1. Peter Collier, Toronto, 4956
2. Jared Hendricks-Polock, Western, 4549
3. Ryan Evans, Western, 4547

1500m (W)
1. Dana Earhart, Guelph, 4:32.48
2. Kristina Popadich, Western, 4:32.70
3. Sydney Pattison, Laurier, 4:32.72

1500m (M)
1. Jack Sheffar, Western, 3:50.97
2. Craig Klomp, Toronto, 3:51.73
3. Connor Black, Guelph, 3:52.46

Pole Vault (M)
1. Dan Gleason, Western, 4.86m
2. Jason Clare, York, 4.86m
3. Brennan Seguin, Guelph, 4.81m

Triple Jump (W)
1. Laura Amoi, Toronto, 12.20m
2. Paige Doyle, Western, 12.03m
3. Mandy Brunet, Windsor, 11.90m

High Jump (M)
1. Pierce Lepage, York, 2.01m
2. Justice Archer, Guelph, 1.98m
3. Jackson West, York, 1.98m

4x400m (W)
1. Guelph, 3:42.76
2. Toronto, 3:48.90
3. York, 3:49.26

4x400m (M)
1. Guelph, 3:15.87 *OUA meet record
2. Western, 3:18.28
3. Waterloo, 3:18.65


Weight Throw (M)
1. Ezana Debalkew, Toronto, 17.33m
2. Mark Bujnowski, Guelph, 17.28m
3. Anthony Atkinson, Windsor, 15.07m

1000m (W)
1. Olivia Romaniw, Guelph, 2:46.86
2. Avery Garrett-Patterson, Toronto, 2:47.59
3. Dana Earhart, Guelph, 2:49.75

1000m (M)
1. Stephen Evans, Ottawa, 2:26.44
2. Craig Klomp, Toronto, 2:26.86
3. Cole Hannam, Windsor, 2:27.19

60m Hurdles (M)
1. Pierce Lepage, York, 7.96
2. Matthew MacNeill, York, 8.27
3. Anthony Kwan, Toronto, 8.29

60m Hurdles (W)
1. Hailey Hitchings, Guelph, 8.50
2. Emma Nero, Guelph, 8.51
3. Tyra Boug, Guelph, 8.72

Indoor Pentathlon (W)
1. Emily Bowerman, Guelph, 3565 
2. Madeline Rampton, Western 3419
3. Heather McCann, Western 3379

Pole Vault (W)
1. Tessa Hamilton, Guelph, 3.97m
2. Brittany Salmon, Toronto, 3.77m
3. Katy Magoffin, Western, 3.67m

Shot Put (W)
1. Brittany Crew, York, 17.77m *OUA meet record
2. Sara Villani, Western, 15.19m
3. Kaitlin Brooks, York, 13.87m

3000m (W)
1. Danielle Jossinet, Guelph, 9:35.07
2. Kristina Popadich, Western, 9:36.57
3. Hannah Woodhouse, Guelph, 9:47.20

3000m (M)
1. Jack Sheffar, Western, 8:17.31
2. Connor Black, Guelph, 8:21.46
3. Mitchell Ubene, Guelph, 8:24.32

4x800m (M)
1. Toronto, 7:39.16
2. Guelph, 7:39.43
3. Windsor, 7:43.87

4x800m (W)
1. Guelph, 8.55.44
2. Toronto, 8:58.33
3. Ottawa, 9:04.50

Long Jump (M)
1. Pierce Lepage, York, 7.51m
2. Joerg Ahne, Waterloo, 7.20m
3. Jonny Balogun, Western, 7.18m

Long Jump (W)
1. Jasmine Lew, Toronto, 6.01m
2. Shyvonne Roxborough, Guelph, 5.90m
3. Leah Jones, York, 5.80m

300m (M)
1. Daniel Harper, Guelph, 34.02
2. Philip Osei, Guelph, 34.03
3. Graeme Thompson, Guelph, 34.28

300m (W)
1. Zoe Sherar, Guelph, 38.24
2. Christy Ihunaegbo, York, 38.41
3. Morgan Byng, Guelph, 38.64