2017 Award Winners 

Most Valuable Player Rookie of the Year 
Women's Men's Women's Men's
Branna MacDougall, Queen's Connor Black, Guelph Rebekah Pyle, Lakehead Max Turek, McMaster
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Student-Athlete Community Service Award Coach of the Year
Women's Men's Women's Men's
 Christina Agustin, Toronto Ben Carson, Western  Steve Boyd, Queen's Dave Scott-Thomas, Guelph
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2017 All-Stars

Women's Men's
First Team Second Team First Team Second Team
Branna MacDougall, Queen's  Danielle Jossinet, Guelph  Connor Black, Guelph Andrew Nebel, Windsor 
Kristina Popdich, Western  Sarah Wismer, Guelph  Sergio Raez Villanueva, McMaster  Ben Carson, Western 
Sasha Gollish, Toronto  Molly Steer, Queen's  Max Turek, McMaster  Andrew Shepherd, Guelph 
Amy Stephenson, Queen's  Melissa Caruso, McMaster  Eric Wyands, Queen's   Mark Patton, Guelph
Claire Sumner, Queen's  Bettine Boucher, Laurier  Jeffrey Tweedle, McMaster  Robert Lawand, Toronto 
Lucia Stafford. Toronto  Hannah Woodhouse, Guelph  Josh Kellier, Guelph  Mitchell Ubene, Guelph 
Stef Smith, Windsor Emily Nowak, McMaster  Isaiah Frielink, Western  Mark Schmidt, Queen's 


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