2017-18 OUA league-based schedules released

2017-18 OUA league-based schedules released

BURLINGTON, Ont. - Ontario University Athletics (OUA) is excited to announce the release of the 2017-18 league-based sport schedules.

Of particular interest, OUA Men's and Women's Basketball received a format change, returning to an East and West conference alignment. Under the new divisions, each team will play home and away in addition to a single game, which rotates home and away annually, against each team in the opposing conference. The new format totals 23 regular season games in the East and 24 in the West.

The 2017-18 playoffs will see the removal of the RPI ranking system, and playoff qualifications will once again be determined by team records. The top six teams from each division advance to the playoffs, with the top two seeds receiving a bye to the quarter-final round. Teams remain within their conferences for the first two rounds of the playoffs, where the semi-finals will feature division crossover matchups.

The playoff format will also move away from a Final Four concept to two single game semi-finals. The championship game host is determined by annual division rotation unless two teams from the same conference were to advance from the semis, resulting in the highest seeded team hosting the Wilson or Critelli Cup Final. 

The annual division rotation for 2018 is:

Gold Medal

East – Men

West – Women

Bronze Medal

West – Men

East - Women

Click on the link below to view the 2017-18 league-sport schedules:

2017-18 OUA Men's Basketball

2017-18 OUA Women's Basketball

2017-18 OUA Men's Hockey

2017-18 OUA Women's Hockey

2017-18 OUA Men's Volleyball

2017-18 OUA Women's Volleyball

2017 OUA Men's Soccer

2017 OUA Women's Soccer

2017 OUA Men's Rugby

2017 OUA Women's Rugby

Schedules for the remaining OUA sports will be released in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to OUA.ca for more information.

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