Varsity Blues win first OUA Figure Skating Championship since 1990-91

Varsity Blues win first OUA Figure Skating Championship since 1990-91

The host University of Toronto Varsity Blues figure skating team captured their first provincial title in 25 years as the 2016 OUA championship wrapped up Tuesday evening at Varsity Arena.

After winning four of eight events and taking a 10-point lead after Day 1, the Varsity Blues continued their winning ways with four podium finishes on Day 2 to finish atop the standings with 92 points.

It marks U of T's fourth OUA figure skating banner in program history, dating back to their first win in 1975-76.

The Western Mustangs and McMaster Marauders both finished with 65 points, with Western winning the tiebreak based on most first-place finishes. The Guelph Gryphons finished fourth with 56 points and the Ryerson Rams rounded out the top five with 34 points. 

Katie Dortono of the Brock Badgers earned coach of the year honours after leading her team to a sixth-place finish and three podium appearances, while the Carleton Ravens won the team spirit award.

The Varsity Blues started the day off with a first-place finish in the pairs fours event (Katrina de Liberato, Mahta Talani, Carol Yeung, Christina Liao), while the Western Mustangs (Carmen Wong, Michelle Kitsis) took the top spot in the intermediate similar pairs.

The Brock Badgers earned their second gold in as many days in the gold creative dance (Katie Desveaux, Laura Holbrough), while Sheena Hardwick-Kelly picked up the Carleton Ravens first podium finish, winning the novice short program.

Chris Berneck of the Ryerson Rams won the men's open freeskate to round out the individual performances.

The McMaster Marauders won the team synchro event, followed by Toronto in second place and Western in third.

OUA Champions: Toronto Varsity Blues

Coach of the Year: Katie Dortono, Brock Badgers

Team Spirit Award: Carleton Ravens

Day 1 Recap

Full Results

Team Standings

  1. Toronto Varsity Blues - 92
  2. Western Mustangs – 65*
  3. McMaster Marauders - 65
  4. Guelph Gryphons – 56
  5. Ryerson Rams – 34
  6. Brock Badgers – 32
  7. Queen's Gaels – 24**
  8. Waterloo Warriors – 24
  9. Carleton – 13

*wins tiebreak based on most wins.
**wins tiebreak based on more silver medals.
Day 1 Results
Sr. Silver Solo Dance

  1. Toronto Varsity Blues (Chyna Hui) – OUA All-Star
  2. Guelph Gryphons (Claire Hughes)
  3. Ryerson Rams (Makayela Hill)

Dance Fours

  1. Toronto Varsity Blues (Elizabeth Liao, Melissa Eratostene, Stephanie Carroll, Claudia Smith) – OUA All-Stars
  2. Western Mustangs (Jessica Reid, Jenna Zaleski, Natalia Otten, Kendra Stirling)
  3. Guelph Gryphons (Jade Marrow, Hannah-Coyle Asbil, Claire Hughes, Gabby Boulding)

Sr. Silver Freeskate

  1. Toronto Varsity Blues (Kaitlyn Liu) – OUA All-Star
  2. McMaster Marauders (Emma Yu)
  3. Western Mustangs (Carmen Wong)

Gold Starskate

  1. McMaster Marauders (Louise Hains) – OUA All-Star
  2. Queen's Gaels (Anastasia Paspolofski)
  3. Brock Badgers (Cassidy Bale)

Sr. Silver Similar Dance

  1. Western Mustangs (Jessica Reid, Jenna Zaleski) – OUA All-Stars
  2. Ryerson Rams (Sawyer Buchanan, Lisa Casselman)
  3. Waterloo Warriors (Katherine Prince, Nicole Novokowsky)

Jr. Silver Similar Dance

  1. Western Mustangs (Nicole Lawson, Emily Bird)
  2. Guelph Gryphons (Claire Hughes, Katie Graham)
  3. McMaster Marauders (Kate Johnson, Chelsea Hidden)

Open Solo Dance

  1. Brock Badgers (Katie Desveaux) – OUA All-Star
  2. Toronto Varsity Blues (Melissa Eratostene)
  3. Western Mustangs (Jessica Reid)

Sr. Similar Pairs

  1. Toronto Varsity Blues (Christina Liao, Elizabeth Liao) – OUA All-Stars
  2. Guelph Gryphons (Kelsey Sobkowich, Leeann Duncan)
  3. McMaster Marauders (Jennifer Pettem, Emma Bonafiglia)

Day 2 Results
Pairs Four

  1. Toronto Varsity Blues (Katrina de Liberato, Mahta Talani, Carol Yeung, Christina Liao) – OUA All-Stars
  2. Queen's Gaels (Natasha Calizon, Melissa Kustra, Tiffany Lung, Leah Monette)
  3. Guelph Gryphons (Kelsey Sobkowich, Leeann Duncan, Mackenzie Wilson, Lauren Oldfield)

Int. Similar Pairs

  1. Western Mustangs (Carmen Wong, Michelle Kitsis)
  2. Toronto Varsity Blues (Kaitlyn Liu, Elspeth Mathau)
  3. Queen's Gaels (Nicole Cordeau, Chantal Deane)

Gold Creative Dance

  1. Brock Badgers (Katie Desveaux, Laura Holbrough) – OUA All-Star
  2. Guelph Gryphons (Jade Morrow, Hannah-Coyle Asbil)
  3. McMaster Marauders (Gwendolyn Eadie, Katelynn Blowe)

Novice Short Program

  1. Carleton Ravens (Sheena Hardwick-Kelly) – OUA All-Star
  2. McMaster Marauders (Jennifer Pettem)
  3. Ryerson Rams (Taylor Smith)

Men's Open Freeskate

  1. Ryerson Rams (Chris Berneck)
  2. Toronto Varsity Blues (Raphael Yacobi-Harris)
  3. Waterloo Warriors (Vincent Chan)

Team Synchro Event

  1. McMaster
  2. Toronto
  3. Western