Twin or Lose, Warriors for Life

Twin or Lose, Warriors for Life

Twin or Lose, Warriors for Life

Warriors boast trio of twins on their roster

It's a well-known fact that football teams are always very tightly knit and teammates become like family but for six members of the Waterloo football program, it's much more than a familiar face strapping on the pads alongside them. The Warriors boast three different sets of twins, a very unique circumstance across all of U SPORTS.  In fact just five other schools have one set of twins on their roster, let alone three.

Third years Kevin Boismier (London) and Kyle Boismier (London), second years Grant Curtis (London) and Troy Curtis(London) and freshmen Tre Ford (Niagara Falls) and Tyrell Ford (Niagara Falls) are the six Warriors that will remember the next four to five years as the most significant and impactful ones of their lives. 

"It's a pretty cool thing to have all of these six guys suiting up alongside each other and you can just tell there's a different vibe among them at practice and in games," said head coach Chris Bertoia.  "They all carry themselves exactly as their twin and respond similarly to certain situations.  There's no doubt each player on this team has each other's back, but there's an extra detail of care and support when it comes to each set of twins." 

Kevin and Kyle are the most veteran of the three twins, entering their third year with the black and gold.  The London natives have been impactful players since joining the Warriors in 2015 and will again be asked to be big game players this season. 

"It's an incredible feeling to line up beside a group of guys you call your brothers but to stand in the huddle and play alongside my twin brother and best friend is indescribable; I always know he has my back, and he knows I have his," commented full back Kevin.  "We have a certain level of trust you just don't have with anyone else and it translates to on field success for Kyle and I."

For Kevin's brother Kyle, having a twin has always been a way of life and you know there's always someone there for you.  "I wouldn't know what it's like not having one and I'd never wish otherwise.  We've gone through all of the good and all of the bad together and being Warriors together means everything," said offensive line Kyle. 

Grant and Troy enter their second season with the Warriors and the London natives are as tight as they come not only due to their exact size but their position.  Both play offensive lineman and have the unique ability to line-up beside each other. 

"It's pretty funny to see the faces of some of the other team's defense," said Grant.  "We just hope it causes them confusion and it's pretty awesome to line-up beside my brother because we don't really need to communicate much.  We are often thinking the same thing and can execute the play we need to; it's a very unique feeling."

For Troy, the feeling is mutual and a benefit of having a twin is sharing the same thoughts and knowing exactly what the other twin is going to do but sometimes this can cause identity problems.  "Not everyone on the team can always tell us a part, sometimes even the coaches mix us up.  It doesn't bother me (or Grant) but it just shows how exactly the same we are.  Regardless I wouldn't change it for the world.  He is my best friend and we are in this journey together."

The third and final set of twins are incoming, highly recruited quarterback Tre Ford and defensive back Tyrell Ford.  The two star-studded Niagara Falls natives were heavily recruited across the country and Bertoia knew these two were inseparable so he went after them and was ecstatic when he landed the dynamic duo.

"These two guys are game changers for our program and after seeing in camp you can tell they are the real deal; athletic, poised and ready for university football in Canada," said Bertoia. 

QB Tre always has his eye on brother Tyrell and the two are always pushing each other to be better.  "There's always that inner-competition between us which proves to be both a challenge and benefit to having a twin brother.  We make each other better people on and off the field, it's an awesome thing to be competing alongside Tyrell and we are both excited to be Warriors.  We are ready to go out there and make this team better."

DB Tyrell has nothing but good things to say about playing with his twin Tre and says they've always been Warriors together.  "We've played alongside each other for many years including our high school playing days and we are truly thrilled to be suiting up for the Warriors together.  We've played football since our childhood and we always push each other to be better.  We are going to take this season one game at a time and be there for each other and our teammates every step of the way."

"We're excited to see all the twins grow as athletes and students and are excited to have them as the future of our program," Bertoia concluded. 

The trio of twins open up their season on Sunday in Windsor before returning to Warrior Field for their home opener against York on Labour Day Monday (Sept. 4 at 1pm).



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